We all need a break sometimes whether it’s a weekend party with friends or taking the family on the big annual vacation or a romantic getaway just for 2. I’ve got you covered with fully customized experiences that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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Here you will find some of my favorite, tried and true products from around the world. Travel necessities (according to me) and other lovely items to help you travel with style and ease.

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Travel With Raelinn
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Some of my favorite travel experiences…

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to spend a good bit of  time in Iceland and fell completely in love with it. I’ve been living in Morocco for three years and it’s in my soul now. I’ve been in food, beverage and travel for almost twenty years and have practiced yoga for that long as well. Why am I telling you all this? Because based on this experience and expertise, I’m sharing vacation ideas that truly speak to me, and I hope to you too. But if you don’t feel a connection to any of the offerings you see here, just hit that bespoke button and I’ll help you make it happen!  

How it all works

Travel Services & Fees 

Imagine a hunt for the beautiful Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, comfortably travelling in a Super Jeep. The road leads to one of Iceland’s most renowned seafood restaurants for an unforgettable lobster feast dinner. Let’s go! 

Wander through mounds of fresh, locally sourced produce, while learning about the culture of Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Glistening seafood and spiced meats will pile high on outdoor terraces, glasses will overflow with craft beers and your soul will recalibrate as you bask in the afternoon rays of the Mediterranean sun. Learn More.

Bespoke cruises along the rivers and canals in the Champagne region of France. You’ll be going to Champagne tastings and tours at the Chateau, farmers’ markets and cooking classes. Learn More. 

Stay in a palatial riad. Visit the local souks, wander around in the old town or along the modern seasides. Luxury desert camping via Camel trekking. Delicious foods and delightful music. The beautiful “Blue Pearl” Chefchouen. The terra cotta city of Zagora. Let’s go! 

Picture yourself on the seaside in Portofino sipping a glass of wine in the sun overlooking the Cinque Terre and the beautiful Mediterranean. Take a cooking class in Tuscany and visit Montalcino wineries. Stroll the streets of Paris and experience Michelin Star fare or fantastic street foods and everything in between. Contact me and let’s get started.

Breathe deeply and exhale. You are about to pamper yourself and recharge. My spa and wellness packages are in stunning, peaceful locations with well-known professional instructors. Immerse yourself in a calm environment and pamper yourself with healthy, delicious meals, massage, yoga and more. Contact me and let’s go.

If you can dream it up, I can work with you to make it all happen! Contact me and let’s get started. 


Visit cities like Marrakech, Fes, Chefchouen and Tangier. Explore the ancient medinas and souks. Visit the spice markets and tanneries. Delve into the delicious foods that Morocco is so famous for: Friday couscous, tagines, and heavenly sweets.  Go camping under the desert stars…

Cooking Classes

Finally learn to make a delicious beef tagine, sweet/savory bastilla or lemon chicken with olives in one of my hands-on Moroccan cooking classes.


If you have your own Moroccan adventure in mind, I can help you make it a reality.   Contact me. And let’s get started!

Cities of Morocco

Visit cities like Fes, Chefchouen (The Blue Pearl), Marrakech, Essaouira and Agadir, and my beloved Tangier. 

Desert Camping

Trek on camels bedoin style and camp in luxurious style with sumtuous carpets and cushions, listen to Amazig music and feast on the local fare by campfire all under the desert stars in the Western Sahara.

Spain & Portugal

Sample Culinary Tour

Andalucian/Spanish Cooking Course Tour

This relaxing 7 day tour is not only for those who adore food, but for anyone who needs a profound getaway in one of the most beautiful white-washed villages of Spain. Located along the southern Spanish coast, this culinary adventure will introduce you to the textured landscape that flows into the crystal blue sea, the fresh ingredients that naturally grace the land and the rich cultural heritage that has influenced Andalucian food even today.

From seafood to cured meats, expect locally produced Chorizo, various cuts of pork, seasonal salads and stews of fish & vegetables. From Sherry wine tastings to fragrant paellas, your new Spanish cooking repertoire will be overflowing with succulent recipes! 

Learn More!

Photo credit @Catavino

Wine & Food Vacations
in Italy

Indulge your senses in Italy… the rolling hills of Tuscany, the glorious Alps in the distance near Barolo. Tasting wines at the wineries, shopping in local markets, learn to make REAL Italian dishes. 

Cooking Classes

Learn from local Italian chefs and cooks. You’ll learn to make hand made pasta like linguine and the ever-popular gnocchi, sauces, sweets and more. 

Winery Tours

Taste wines at the wineries and in many cases, meet the winemakers themselves. You will visit places like, but not limited to, Barolo, Montalcino (Brunello), Puglia and Sicily. Stroll through the vines, sip on wines in the cantina or under a quaint umbrella

Wine Tastings & Restaurants

Visit anything from Michelin star spots to fantastic street foods and everything in between along with fantastic wine pairings created especially for you. 

Fully Custom

Don’t see exactly what you want above? Simply  Contact me and we’ll create something special together. 

Champagne Cruises

Reims to Château-Thierry

An enchanting journey between history and vineyards, amidst beauty and delightful bubbles. Visit cathedrals and wine cellars or WWI memorials. Take your time and relax on the sundeck. Explore the area with our guided minibus tours and finish the day with a sumptuous dinner on board.

Example Six-Night Cruise

Day 1 – Welcome to Château-Thierry. Visit of Memorials, castle, winery.

Day 2 – cruise to Dormans. Visit of 1 or 2 wineries, viewpoint, memorial.

Day 3 – cruise to Cumières, Visit of Hautvillers and Epernay, 1 or 2 wineries.

Day 4 – cruise to Marreuil-sur-Aÿ. visit to Epernay or Aÿ, with winery.

Day 5 – cruise to Isse. Visit of Reims mountains and winery, or Chalons-en-Champagne.

Day 6 – cruise to Billy-le-Grand. Visit of Reims cathedral and winery.

Day 7 – Farewell after breakfast.

Fully Custom Options Available

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Romantic languages? Check. Expert wine knowledge, check… Great people skills? Again… European education? Absolutely. What can I say about Raelinn that others may not know? She speaks with a smile, has great follow up skills and really knows her stuff. With connections all over the globe, Raelinn is a great asset to anyone who requires tact, confidentiality, great customer service skills, exuberance and passion.

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About Me

I’ve spent the last twenty years in food and beverage, hospitality, travel, sales and pricing. I’ve finally brought it all together under one roof so that I can share with you my favorite experiences and products from all over the world. It is my great privilege and pleasure to put my years of expertise to their best use for you and make your next vacation the experience of a lifetime!

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Raelinn Doty Schmitt

Owner/Bon Vivant

Travel With Raelinn - Planning

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Bespoke Luxury

If you want to step off the plane and forget every care in the world, this is the plan for you. I will take care of every possible detail of your trip.

Standard Travel

This option is for travelers who are pretty comfortable with international travel already but want a little bit of guiding and planning.


These experiences are for savvy travelers who love to go it alone but want some great insider information to help better inform their trip.

News from the blog

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The historic Wine Doors of Florence are the subject of a unique photography exhibition in Florence. The exhibition OBIETTIVO BUCHETTE: Photographing the WIne Doors of Florence features work by photographers Robbin Gheesling and Andrew Barrow MA ARPS and will open 9 November 2019 in the space of Caffè Guido Guidi at the Teatro della Pergola, Florence at 17:30. The exhibition runs until 10 January 2020.

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